The Most Recently Released Information About Spring Water Benefits

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A report released Tuesday by the department highlighted the testing performed in more than 150 towns and cities, which covered about 800 school buildings. The DEP program started in April 2016 with about $2.75 million has been made available through the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust. A total of 55,919 samples were collected from 31,832 fixtures, including classroom and bathroom faucets, water fountains, kitchen kettles, water coolers and service connectors. Most of the states schools turned up some fixtures where lead and copper exceeded action levels, which requires further action to be taken to fix the problem. About 72 percent of participating school buildings had one or more fixtures exceeding the action levels for lead or copper, while about 28 percent did not exceed those levels. Kitchen kettles and classroom faucets were the most likely to exceed action levels. An unused bubbler in Brocktons Hancock Elementary School registered the highest lead reading in the state at 2,100 times the 0.015 milligrams per liter action level. School officials said all taps that had high reading were either disconnected or replaced, and students have access to filtered water all day. Some local schools that didnt test their water under the program said theyd either recently tested their water and fixed any problems, or had ongoing testing programs of their own. Click on a town to see its lead and copper testing results: Got news tips?

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